Zion National Park Best Hikes for Any Skill-level

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Zion National Park photoZion’s National Park is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the United States. It has some of the most awe-inspiring red rock cliffs that are simply impossible to forget. It also has some of the best hiking. Whether you are a beginning hiker or an expert, here are Zion National Park best hikes.

Angel’s Landing

This is the quintessential Zion’s hike. It is probably the most popular and well-known hike in the park. It is a difficult hike that is just over 4 miles long. While most of the hike is steep, with chaotic switchbacks, it does not get treacherous feeling until the last 500 feet in which you must ascend up the steepest and narrowest part of the mountain by using chains.

These chains are what makes the hike popular and oh so exhilarating. And, you will be rewarded with the most amazing view at the end. One way to make the hike a little safer is to try to embark during off peak times. It is recommended to start very early to avoid heavy crowds.Zion National Park photo

Emerald Pool Trail

This is definitely one of the easier hikes in Zion’s. It is a little over 2 miles. It gives you a good taste of everything Zion’s has to offer. Because of its ease and beautiful scenery, it is also one of the most crowded hikes in the park. Just because it is easy, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared with water and good hiking shoes.

Hidden Canyon

Hidden Canyon is a less popular hike that many people don’t even realize is there. Essentially you will be hiking about 2.5 miles over the cliff face of a narrows canyon.

At the end of the hike you will hit a beautiful arch that is a great photo backdrop or a nice place to sit and eat lunch.Zion National Park photo

Observation Point

If you are looking for a hike that has some of the most beautiful, unobstructed views without the scariness of Angel’s landing, try Observation Point. It boasts a wider trail and a significant lower risk than other trails with a great angle of the Zion valley.

Observation point is a little over 7-mile hike that is rated medium difficulty. It is also a hike that has fewer crowds than some of the other Zion favorites.

The Narrows

Another iconic Zion’s hike is The Narrows. It is a longer, medium rated difficulty hike that can last up to 15 miles. However, you can hike for as long or as little as you like.

It is unique from other hikes because it forces you to wade through a river for most of the trip. The Virgin River is very shallow on this trail and will give you an interesting perspective. Be sure to wear waterproof shoes that will dry quickly.

This is another very popular hike that should be avoided if possible during the peak summer season.

This is just a taste of some of Zion National Park best hikes. There are hundreds of other hikes that will be sure to fit your skill level.Zion National Park photo

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