Things to See in New York City

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New York City photoSo you are ready to visit New York! Whether you have been there for years or you have just recently decided to visit, there is so much to see you would have to spend a life on it to accomplish everything. Aside from Times Square, there is never a clear answer as to where your time will be spent at this massive urban jungle. You can visit the Big Apple’s downtown core with the help of an underground subway system that connects the different boroughs. If you prefer, you can stay at one of the hotels that dot the city’s streets, and the list goes on.
New York City photo

One of the most popular places to visit New York is the Empire State Building, which houses the Statue of Liberty. This beautiful landmark has always held a certain appeal to people. The Statue of Liberty itself is one of the tallest and most recognizable figures on earth. In fact, the Statue is only one of many that are designed to capture the essence of the original Italian immigrant who first landed on the shores of America. Of course, these beautiful pieces of art and architecture are not the only attractions in New York City.
New York City photo

There are other great places to visit in New York. If you want to have the best time at any of the many amusement parks in the city, head to Central Park or Rockefeller Center. If you are looking for shopping in New York, you should try to visit Macy’s and the Grand Central Shopping Center. The list of popular attractions in New York is too long to mention, but these are just a few of the many options that you have.

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