About Joshua Tree National Park

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Joshua Tree National Park photoJoshua Tree National Park, located south of Los Angeles, is a sprawling protected area along the California desert. It is marked by stark rocky desert landscapes and rocky rock formations. Known for its twisted, bristled, reddish-orange Joshua trees, it straddles the flat, high-desert Colorado Desert and the warmer, lower Mojave Desert. The park is divided into two parts: the North Park and South Park. Keys View looks over the central Coachella Valley. Hiking tracks weave through the rock boulders of Hidden valley.
Joshua Tree National Park photo

The park has been called “the world’s largest natural archaeological find.” There are ancient artifacts of Mesoamerican and European origin. Several ancient temples, burial mounds, ceremonial sites, caves and rock art can be found in the park. It is home to a variety of species of birds, deer, elk and coyotes. There are also a wide range of reptiles. This park offers an excellent opportunity to experience a variety of scenic landscapes in one location. The park is also popular with tourists because of its scenic beauty.
Joshua Tree National Park photo

A visit to the park starts by traveling north from Los Angeles, passing through San Gabriel in Orange County. Traveling east on Highway 101, you will arrive in Palm Springs. From there, you will travel south to Oxnard and finally reach the park. There are numerous transportation options to make your journey convenient and easy. Visitors to this park should take advantage of these transportation options to make their journey easy, convenient and safe.

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