Mono Lake Camping Hacks

Mono Lake photoIf you are someone that enjoys going camping, you are going to want to learn about some Mono Lake camping hacks that you can implement to use on your next trip. Below, we will be going over some of the best camping hacks.

Best Mono Lake Camping Hacks:

1. Use A Trash Bag.

One of the best ways to ensure that all of your belongings remain as dry as possible while you are out camping is by lining your bag and placing everything in a garbage bag. By using a garbage bag, you will be able to add an element of waterproofing to your bag which can help to keep everything dry.

2. Bring More Socks.

By bringing more socks along with you, it is going to allow you to keep at least one of your pair of socks as clean and as dry as possible. You can change into the clean pair of socks prior to going to sleep and tucking yourself into the sleeping bag.Mono Lake photo

3. Plan Everything.

You are not going to want to go lake camping without essentials. Because of this, you should be looking to plan everything ahead of time. Planning everything out prior to going on your trip is going to help ensure that you are not forgetting anything that you should be taking along with you.

4. Use Clothes As A Pillow.

One of the best ways to make a makeshift pillow is by stuffing your clothing into a small sack. By doing this, you will be able to avoid having to carry a pillow along with you which will only add to the bulk that you have to deal with. Along with this, it is going to allow you to sleep comfortably. By using clothes in a sack, you will even be able to adjust the clothing inside to ensure that you are able to sleep as comfortably as you would like.

5. Bring The Right Shoes.

Whenever you are going camping, you want to be sure that you are bringing a comfortable pair of shoes along with you. It is essential that you look towards bringing a comfortable pair of shoes that are already broken in. Without paying attention to your shoes, you could end up bringing a pair of shoes that could make your entire trip uncomfortable.Mono Lake photo

6. Bring Fire Starters.

If you are going to be heading out camping, you want to bring multiple different fire starters along with you. You can use various things like a fire starter including flint, lint, or even hand sanitizer.

Overall, there is a lot that you are going to want to do in order to ensure that you are able to have a great time camping. By following the various tips above, you should be able to properly prepare for your trip. You want to look at everything to ensure that you are picking the right materials and things to bring along with you for your camping trip. That way, you have everything that you need to have a great trip and experience.Mono Lake photo

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Your Go-To Checklist For Yosemite National Park Camping Hacks

Yosemite National Park photoYosemite National Park is America’s favorite campground. Of course, steeped in natural untouched wilderness and beautiful trees, we can all see why. The real downside to camping at Yosemite is quite simple: there are a lot of people! In fact, if you don’t get there by a certain time, you’ll be hard pressed to find an area for your camping needs. To give you the upper hand, check out our checklist of Yosemite National Park camping hacks!

Plan your destinations ahead of time by looking at a map and writing down where you’re headed. Don’t forget that there’s virtually no cell service at the park, so do your research well before your arrival.

Early spring and late fall during the week are the best times to go to Yosemite. The reason is quite surprising: many people choose to go during the summer and you simply won’t fit!Yosemite National Park photo

Early bird gets the worm, and that’s true for campgrounds at Yosemite! Plan your arrival well before 10 AM and start setting up camp to get the best spot. By early afternoon, most places will be filled up.

Get ready to reserve your private spot at the campgrounds months in advance. It may seem too early, but the fact is that too many people are interested in camping at Yosemite.

Any campsites in or near Yosemite fill up fast, and if you didn’t arrive on time, finding a place to sleep with poor cell service is going to be next to impossible. The easiest way to circumvent this problem is to go to the park with a backup plan. The more prepared you are, the better!

Always check the weather forecasts regularly and stay tuned in for potential weather advisories that may impact your stay. The fact about Yosemite is that the weather is unpredictable. The same day that it can be nearly 100° Fahrenheit, you may find yourself caught in the freezing rain. Prepare ahead by knowing what type of weather to expect.Yosemite National Park photo

Pack accordingly to the weather forecasts we’ve just told you to read regularly. In fact, it’s much better to overpack than to discover that you’ve left some very important things out. Take the time to really think about the clothes and toiletries that you will be taking with you.

Get ready to plan ahead. You may not be big on planning for the future, but it can seriously eliminate problems for you upon arrival. Know that Yosemite is almost always filled to the brim with tourists, so planning your travel comprehensively can eliminate confusion and potentially having a bad day.

You can enjoy your stay a Yosemite by being smart about your travels and keeping these Yosemite National Park camping hacks in mind. Plan for this trip just like you would if you were to fly overseas. The more informed you are about your destination, the more comfortable you will be making the transition to campgrounds. Though not completely isolated from cities, Yosemite does lack certain amenities that you will need to factor into your trip and when you pack.Yosemite National Park photo

5 Grand Canyon Camping Hacks You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without!

Grand Canyon Camping photoThe Grand Canyon National Park offers an expanse of terrain as far as the eye can see and varying flora and fauna not seen to co-exist anywhere else in the world. Depending on your level of camping experience, you can choose from different campground options to meet your needs. Whether you’re the novice nature enthusiast or you consider yourself the ‘enlightened’ camper, you will find the right terrain at the Grand Canyon.

Before you pack those bags and head off into the wilderness, take a look at these top five Grand Canyon camping hacks to make your transition easier!Grand Canyon Camping photo

1. Unfortunately, many novice campers aren’t aware of the inclement weather conditions that can happen at the Grand Canyon seemingly at the drop of a hat. Torrential rains, lightning storms, and freezing weather are just some of the natural phenomena campers can experience. The solution is quite simple: plan your camping trip armed with an accurate weather forecast. In fact, we recommend checking several forecasts to draw the right conclusions.

2. Be aware that there are wild animals in the canyon, and that is true whether you’re hiking, river rafting or simply roughing it at the campgrounds. One of the most dangerous animals campers often come into contact with are snakes. So, do dress accordingly and be aware! Campers are also advised to not feed squirrels and not to interact with deer or elk.

3. Most campers choose to stay at the park with an RV, but depending on the age of your RV, make sure to get it checked over and fixed by a professional mechanic. The same is also true for all other types of road vehicles. The South Rim is home to a basic car repair shop, but should you need extensive repairs during your trip, your needs will not be met.Grand Canyon Camping photo

4. Before you begin your trip, make sure you purchase a detailed map of the Grand Canyon to take with you. In fact, we recommend taking the time to familiarize yourself with different locations and amenities before you leave home. The reason is simple: there are virtually no signs available in the Canyon to point you in the right direction. If you want to find your campground or the bathroom, you won’t see any signage whatsoever.

5. We can’t complete a list of Grand Canyon camping hacks without telling you to arrive at your campground before dark. Arizona is a zero pollution state and darkness is an important part of their identity. The campgrounds, therefore, are pretty much pitch black when you arrive. You can get away with a flashlight, but setting up your tent will take a very long time and won’t exactly nurture a positive relationship with other campers.

The Grand Canyon is beautiful but also treacherous to campers unaware of the natural risks. The fact remains that the more you educate yourself for your big trip, the fewer mishaps that will plague your stay. Most importantly, pack everything and anything as the Canyon has very few amenities!Grand Canyon Camping photo

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