Yellowstone – The World’s Biggest National Park

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Yellowstone  photoYellowstone National Park, located in the state of Wyoming, is a remarkable nearly 3,000-square-mile wilderness recreation area on top of a volcano hot spot. Mostly in Yellowstone, the park extends into parts of Idaho and Montana as well. Yellowstone features stunning canyons, majestic alpine meadows, expansive forests, spectacular hot springs, cascading geysers and roaring geothermal waters, including its famous Old Faithful. It is also home to many wild animal species, such as bison, wolves, bears, elk, and deer.
Yellowstone  photo

Park officials have recently made a major upgrade to the park. The biggest change is the addition of an airboat tour to the park. Visitors can now enjoy a boat ride along the river in order to see the wild animals. There are also many other attractions at Yellowstone, such as the Yellowstone Butterfly Farm and the Yellowstone Wild Animal Park. If you plan to stay at one of Yellowstone’s lodges, there are many things you can do in the park, such as hiking, camping and swimming.
Yellowstone  photo

Yellowstone National Park has been around since the 19th century. The park is home to many animals including bear, wolf, eagles, coyotes and moose. Although the park is open all year long, it gets most of its tourists during the winter months. You will not only enjoy the beauty and natural beauty of the park, but also experience a trip to a truly unique and exciting place.

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