The Yellowstone Volcano

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Yellowstone photoThe Yellowstone Volcano is an active super volcanic caldera located in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, United States. The caldera has a diameter of nearly 20 miles and has the most active volcanoes and eruptions on earth. This caldera has a great number of vents, lava tubes and fissures that produce an incredible amount of heat. The volcano is located within the Yellowstone Caldera, which is also known as the Yellowstone supervolcano and is considered to be the largest caldera of all time. The volcano is considered to be a supervolcano because it has erupted and formed many smaller supervolcanic calderas over the last two hundred million years.
Yellowstone photo

The caldera can be seen from the continental US with the help of satellites. From time to time the volcano is visible from Canada and even Mexico. The eruption of this volcano in the last century was the largest volcanic eruption on Earth at the time. The eruption was so large that scientists believe that the Yellowstone Volcano is capable of erupting once again. Scientists have been warning us about this volcano since the beginning of its existence. Some scientists believe that the next big eruption is imminent.
Yellowstone photo

If you wish to see some of the activity that takes place at the Yellowstone Volcano then you should check out the National Parks’ website and watch videos about the volcano. The National Parks’ website also has links to other websites that offer information about the volcano. You can also learn about the different geology sites that are found in the area. You can find a lot of information online and you will also find pictures and video from the volcano.

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