Hoover Dam, America’s Last Big Thing

Hoover Dam photoHoover Dam is an impressive concrete arch-gravity hydroelectric dam built on the southern boundary of the Grand Canyon on the northern Arizona state of the United States. It was built between 1933 and 1936 in the aftermath of World War II and was first dedicated by then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on September 30th, 1935. This dam, which is also referred to as a giant earthworm dam, is a very large dam with a single tall, rectangular tower. It is the largest dam ever built on this side of the world. Hoover is also known for the formation of Lake Mead. The reservoir of this dam provides enough power to supply over a million American homes.
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Hoover Dam was initially built as a storage reservoir. Over time, it has been used in order to power electricity generation. It also supplies power to the irrigation system in California. As a result, it has become a very popular tourist attraction in the United States. It has earned the name “The Last Big Thing”. Hoover Dam is also home to the famous Hoover Dam Historic Site, the biggest monument built in the United States in history.
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Hoover Dam, situated at the confluence of the Arkansas and Colorado Rivers, is one of the most remarkable feats of engineering in the history of the United States. Today it is an important tourist destination because it has managed to combine engineering excellence and artistry in its construction. The dam also represents the achievements of the American West in the early days of settlement. The dam was named after William Hoover, who was also the head of the United States Bureau of Reclamation. Many people visit Hoover Dam each year to witness this awe-inspiring construction. There are many Hoover Dam tours available online to suit different needs, including private, guided tours.

Why Should I Visit Hoover Dam?

Hoover Dam photoAs soon as the Hoover Dam was completed, people all over the country were anxious to know how they could get hold of a copy of the dam’s grandiose and breathtakingly impressive interior. The main purpose of the dam’s interior was to create a flood-proof barrier, in case any dam builders were
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Some people who visit Hoover Dam often enjoy taking pictures inside the dam. The best place to go to take pictures inside the dam is the reservoir that is built beneath the dam. This reservoir is known as the Blue Grotto. It offers amazing views of the landscape and the river below. If you take your time and enjoy taking pictures in this area, you will find yourself with a whole new appreciation for the dam. This place is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the view that you can get from it.

3 Arizona Road Trips You Should Give A Shot

Route 66 arizona photoArizona is a gorgeous state that has a stunning number of truly beautiful places worth a serious visit. In fact, it’s not out of line to say that Arizona really is underrated when it comes to the sheer number of outstanding road trips available to travelers heading through the state and this even goes well beyond the city of Phoenix and The Grand Canyon. Read on to get information on 3 Arizona road trips that you will definitely want to add to your itinerary.

Following Route 66

Route 66 was once THE road cutting across America and was the highway life line for a young United States moving into the automobile age. A Route 66 Arizona road trip can be a great way to see some truly old school towns (some hitting ghost town status), interesting side parks or museums, and can hook up with the city of Flagstaff and end with a tour of the brewery and microbrewery scene in the resurgent city.

Hoover Dam photoHoover Dam – Sneak Up to Vegas

Hoover Dam is not only an amazing sight in and of itself, a true testament to the ability of man and engineering, but it is also only a stone’s throw away from Las Vegas. This makes this a great ending to an Arizona road trip since you can not only see a great sight (and maybe take advantage of the many helicopter tours offered in the area) but then get a bit of the Sin City experience, as well.

Grand Canyon photoExplore Kartchner Caverns

The Grand Canyon might get all the press but Kartchner Caverns State Park out of Benson, Arizona, is a truly spectacular option that deserves more attention. While the state park has hiking trails and focuses on desert beauty, there’s no denying the star are the caves and caverns themselves. There are just under 2.5 miles of explorable passages that include massive cave formations, stalactites, stalagmites, and you can explore some sections solo and get guided tours through others.

Additional bonus for this road trip? You can actually camp inside the cave if you feel like it. Nice little bonus when it comes to story telling.

In Conclusion

There are many different options out there when it comes to finding the perfect Arizona road trip. Whether you love nature, modern marvels, or walking through living history where the whispers of the past meet the unique modern results of isolation, these trips offer plenty.

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