Where To Stay In Yellowstone National Park – Best Places For Lodging

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yellowstone lodge photoIf you are looking for a vacation that will shake you to your core, while filling your sense with wonder and awe, you have to make your next vacation destination Yellowstone National Park. One of the most popular natural attractions in the park is the geyser affectionately known as ‘Old Faithful’. It offers visitors an unforgettable show every 90 minutes, and up to 8,400 gallons of water blow into the air within 20 seconds. With all of these attractions, lodging is reserved quickly. The following will provide you with information on where to stay in Yellowstone.

Inns And Lodgings In Yellowstone Park

There are many types of lodging that can be found just within the communities and gateway towns outside Yellowstone. This lodging may actually be slightly more affordable than the lodging within the borders of the park. However, if you really want to take full advantage of your vacation and book lodging in the park, you will need to make your reservations as soon as possible. The lodging is seasonal and is booked months in advance.

The lodging options available inside of the park are managed by Xanterra Parks and Resorts. The same number for reserving lodging in the park can also be used to make campground reservations.yellowstone lodge photo

So, what are your choices when choosing to lodge in Yellowstone National Park? Currently, there are nine lodging facilities that are strategically placed in Yellowstone around the central Grand Loop Road. Each one of these lodging facilities is strategically placed to a major tourist destination within Yellowstone.

Mammoth Hot Springs and Cabins is located at the North Entrance, and it is also within close proximity to the park’s headquarters. This lodging is only open from the end of December to the first of March. It reopens from the middle of May to the middle of October.

Reserved Campground Sites

These campground sites are owned by a private company, and the names of these sites are:

Bridge Bay Campground
Canyon Campground
Madison Campground
Grant Campground

The fee is paid per night and is typically more expensive than the first come – first served campground sites. However, these sites do offer toilets that flush instead of vault toilets. Reserved campgrounds are only open between the months of May and September. The only campground that is open during the entire year is Madison Campground.

First Come – First Served Campground Sites

These are 7 campground sites are operated by the U.S. Park Service, and there are 12 total sites within the boundaries of the park. Most are only open during the summer, and a few close in late August, early September.

During the summer, campers are not allowed to stay more than 14 days. After the summer season, campers can stay for up to a month. Campers must adhere to strict rules such as not leaving food outside as to not attract bears into the site. Prices can vary but are very inexpensive. In fact, some sites are as cheap as $30 a night.

These are some options when you want to know where to stay in Yellowstone. With over 2000 rooms and sites within and around Yellowstone, you will certainly find the lodging you need based on your preferences and budget.yellowstone lodge photo

Photo by Lee Edwin Coursey

Photo by Lee Edwin Coursey

Photo by Boston Public Library

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