Here’s What to See in Yellowstone National Park

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Yellowstone National Park photoOne of the most famous parks in the United States is Yellowstone National Park, located in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, and established in March 1972. The park is approximately 3,500 square miles, and it is located on the top of a volcanic hot spot. The park has lots of features such as forests, hot springs, rivers, canyons, and more. Here’s what to see in Yellowstone.

1. See “Old Faithful”

A geyser is another name for a hot spring and Yellowstone has one of the most famous – Old Faithful. The eruptions average 130 feet high and occur approximately every hour and a half. Gather around the perimeter of the geyser, hike to Observation Point, or watch from the Old Faithful Inn dining room. Because this is a favorite spot, it is likely to be crowded with visitors in some places.

2. See “Hayden Valley”

One of the reasons you’re likely visiting Yellowstone is for its wildlife and Hayden Valley, between Canyon Village and Fishing Bridge, is a great place to see it. This is where grizzly bears, elk, bison, and coyotes roam. View it from Grand Loop Road or get adventurous and exit your car for the best views.

3. See “Yellowstone Lake”

Located in the West Thumb area is the park’s largest lake – Yellowstone Lake. The freshwater lake was first visited in the 1800s by John Colter, a Lewis and Clark scout. Today, anglers and boaters love the lake, as well as bear and bison.Yellowstone National Park photo

4. See the “Grand Canyon.”

You’ve heard of the Grand Canyon, but have you heard of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone? The 20 miles long canyon is located in the park’s Canyon Village and it’s a familiar hiking spot. Featuring terra-cotta cliff walls and 600-mile long river, everything was formed over thousands of years.

5. See “Mammoth Hot Springs”

What to see in Yellowstone? The Mammoth Hot Springs, southwest of the North Entrance and known for its centuries-old terraces, is not to be missed. You’ll see lots of hot water coming up from the ground, but don’t come in contact with it. The temperature will be too hot. Be sure to visit the town of Mammoth, as well, for dinner and shopping in the town square.

6. See “Lamar Valley”

You will find what is known as Lamar Valley between the Northeast Entrance and the Mammoth Hot Springs. Like many areas in Yellowstone, this is a place where wildlife gather. There’s a chance you’ll see bald eagles, grizzly bears, wolves, and more.

7. See “Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center”

If you’re interested in learning as much as you can about the iconic bears and wolves of Yellowstone, then the Grizzle and Wolf Discovery Center is not to be missed. You will find the nonprofit center in the West Entrance. Learn about the history of the wolves and ears and what the park is doing to protect them. Kids will love the programs and hands-on activities.

The question of what to see in Yellowstone is easily answered once you arrive at the famous park. These are just a few of the sites to see at the park. Be sure to gather more information once you arrive.Yellowstone National Park photo

Photo by Boston Public Library

Photo by BDUngard

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