7-Day Colorado Road Trip

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colorado photoThe beautiful state of Colorado has so much to offer that it would be virtually impossible to even scratch the surface on a week-long Colorado road trip, but it can still be a journey that you will remember for a lifetime. Here is a 7-day road trip where you can experience major cities, attractions, national parks and more to taste some of the incredible diversity that can be found here.

Day 1: Glenwood Springs

Start out your trip in Glenwood Springs, which is three hours away from Denver. Explore Glenwood Canyon, which is home to the biggest hot springs pool in the world at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort. There are also lots of opportunities to engage in outdoor adventures here, including horseback riding, hiking, rafting, and fishing. At Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, there is an amusement park and caves to explore.colorado photo

Day 2: Grand Junction

Head west to visit Grand Junction, the biggest city on the Western Slope of the state. Colorado National Monument features breathtaking vistas, steep cliffs, and stunning red-rock formations, which you can see from 23-mile-long Rimrock Drive. It is also a great area to taste the delicious local produce and fruit from the many stands you will find on the sides of the road.

Day 3: Gunnison National Park

Head southeast to Gunnison National Park and the Black Canyon. It is an awesome feeling looking down into the sheer, narrow depths of the impressive black rock making up the canyon. You can go on a ranger-led tour or do some hiking on your own. There is plenty of camping to choose from or your can stay in one of the picturesque towns of Ridgway or Ouray.

Day 4: Mesa Verde National Park

Keep heading south to Durango and visit Mesa Verde National Park, which is a U.S. World Heritage sites. A ranger-guided tour can be taken of the park’s stunning cliff dwellings, and then you can take a hike to enjoy all of the natural surroundings, including ancient dwellings and petroglyphs. You can also go on a train ride on the Silverton and Durango Railroad.colorado photo

Day 5: Great Sand Dunes National Park

Head east from Mesa Verde, and then north towards Great Sand Dunes National Park and Alamosa. Mountains of pure sand merge with mountains here, which creates a miniature-Sahara right in the heart of the state. Medano Creek in the spring creates the most unique beach in Colorado, and visitors can hike, snowboard, sled, or ski the dunes all year long.

Day 6: Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

Head north from Alamosa and then east over to Canon City. One of the world’s highest and longest suspension bridges is located at Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. This park offers many attractions and entertainment, including a wildlife park and rides. You can have dinner or lunch on the Royal Route Railroad that makes its away across the bottom part of the canyon to provide you with a totally different perspective. Stay in Colorado Springs for a bit of luxury and culture.

Day 7: Denver

Finish your Colorado road trip in Denver. There are many museums you can visit, including the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Denver Art Museum, or the Children’s Museum of Denver. There are plenty of family-friendly attractions to visit in Denver, including the 16th Street Mall, Denver Zoo, and the Downtown Aquarium.colorado photo

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